Audit and Assurance

Why is this important?

Independent audit and assurance is an essential component of best practice in safety management. This is an important tool to ensure officers meet their due diligence duty by providing a level of insight that is independent of internal arrangements and provide answers to the following;

  • How do you know that controls, especially critical controls, are effective?
  • Is your HSE Management system operating as intended?
  • Are your teams conducting effective audits?
  • Does your company or contractors meet the standard?
Critical Risk Management

How can businesses improve

  • Include independent assurance to your existing audit schedule
  • Ensure critical controls are measurable and have auditable performance criteria
  • Review, in practice, the effectiveness and capability of your internal audit function
  • Move to live dashboards and digital solutions for audit and assurance
  • Ensure Board Reports consider audit results from critical risk and control reviews
  • Address gaps and opportunities to optimize Contractor Management performance
Audit Assurance

How we help our customers make a difference

With experience across all industries and supporting over 120 different organizations around the world, our knowledge means we can conduct:

  • Independent safety and culture reviews
  • Critical Control Effectiveness Assurance
  • ISO 45001 Audits
  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Audits
  • Post-Incident Corrective Action Effectiveness Audits
  • Training internal audit functions to audit more effectively and with purpose
  • Compliance Audits (e.g. chemical management, HSE system audits etc)
  • Contractor Management audits and assurance
  • And more.
Audit and Assurance


HSE Global provides a range of audit and assurance solutions

HSE Global’s team is experienced working with Board members as we are in the field working with your team. We build a natural rapport with Executives, Managers, Front-line Leaders, Employees and Contractors throughout the audit and assurance process, which ensures candid qualitative research to identify any gaps. Looking for opportunities to improve and truly test and verify the effectiveness of system and process implementation.

HSE Global audits are not a paperwork exercise. They find the real issues as to why risk controls are not as effective as they could be.

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Audit and Assurance: WHS Risk Management and Control

HSE Global’s audit and assurance service provides our clients with the most thorough and robust assessment of the effectiveness of their risk controls, highlight examples of excellence and uncover issues that impact on effective risk control. We delve deeply into the day-to-day behaviors, sub-cultures and leadership approaches at site and in the office.

We assist organizations verify that critical controls are in place and working effectively. This is a key WHS due diligence obligation for Company Officers and is the foundation for keeping your people safe from serious harm incidents.

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HSE Global audits are not a paperwork exercise. They find the real issues as to why our controls are not as effective as they could be”
– WHS Manager, Large Retail Company

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