Contractor Management

Why is this important?

The international standard for occupational health and safety states that organizations must coordinate processes with their contractors to:

  • Control risks arising from contractor activities, and
  • Control risks arising from its own activities that impact contractors.

Do you know if your Contractor Employees are working on tasks where the risk of injury or death is high?

Risk increases exponentially when there are factors in any scenario that are not controlled.

Are you confident/assured that risk of injury or death to any person associated with the work of your Contractor employees is controlled?

How can businesses improve

Select, monitor and review Contractors on the basis of meeting your organization’s expectations and legal requirements.

Organizations must be assured that Contractors exposed to risk are being managed and risks associated with the work they do are effectively controlled.

Critical Risk Management

How we help our customers make a difference

HSE Global can help you develop a Contractor Management framework that suits your business. Using our extensive industry experience, we can help your teams develop:

  • Contractor selection criteria and engagement processes
  • Contractor monitoring and assurance processes targeting critical risks
  • Review processes that continually assesses the Contractor’s capability to meet your organization’s expectations and legal requirements


Contractor Management Framework

HSE Global can develop and implement a tailored contractor management framework for your organization.

Select, engage, monitor and review contractor performance.

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Global Safety Index

Data driven insights leading to better workplace Health and Safety outcomes.

Providing organizations with the ability to record, measure, benchmark and track their workplace health and safety performance across critical performance indicators.

Use the Global Safety Index to assess a Contractor’s Safety Leadership and Culture rather than relying on their lagging output safety performance.

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Global Safety Index
“HSE Global were able to assist us in identifying legislative gaps and operational inefficiencies in the way we manage contractors. They worked collaboratively with us to help tailor a new contractor management system and process to improve how we engage, onboard and manage our contractors. We had fantastic participation in the workshops from all stakeholders!”
– Global Food Manufacturer

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