Hazard Recognition Plus

Why is this important?

A worker cannot manage what they do not recognize

Following an incident, we often hear:

  • ‘it came out of nowhere’;
  • ‘I had no idea that could happen’;
  • ‘I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the force’; etc.

These statements all point to an employee’s lack of recognition of the hazard and risk.  A worker does not come to work thinking they will get hurt, they choose to do the work the way they do, because they do not see the risk.

Fundamentally, companies rely on recognition of hazards in planning all work; in designing new systems… and it is at the core of all programs in operations and safety regarding risk and timing for the work to be done.

How can businesses improve

Early recognition of potential hazards, can reduce or even eliminate incidents by having critical controls in place.  This also improves the confidence of a worker / contractor doing their job and creates a positive work environment that builds a workforce’s competence in performing the work.

Our clients often report:

‘While initially it took us more time to plan the work, once we learned the process, we actually got work done faster because we had everything we needed to do the job when we started the work!’

‘Our emergency work orders dropped dramatically because we received more preventative maintenance orders prior to a break!’

Original HRP Revised HRP

How we help our customers make a difference

Hazard Recognition Plus™ provides a systematic approach utilizing energy at its core to more clearly see the potential that could cause harm.  The simplicity is in the energy, but the power is in the process.

Providing a solid definition of a hazard, takes the uncertainty of recognizing hazards out of the planning of the work.  The process also gives clarity to a company’s ‘stop work authority’ taking away an employee’s hesitation to stop the work prior to an incident happening.

Every company’s journey is unique.  HSE Global will guide you on this journey to meet your goals of reducing incidents and building trust in a culture with safety at its core.

HRP has been integrated in companies around the world and has been translated in over 18 languages.

Applying HRP

HSE Global assisted our clients struggling with the new risk of Covid.
This chart helps address questions workplaces need to answer, allowing for a clear response to the relevant risk.

Download the free COVID contagion reference sheet here



HRP Leadership Orientation / Alignment Session

This Workshop provides an overview of the HRP process for Leadership to understand the common language and learn the possibilities for use of the system along with how they can support the process.  Once leadership understands the process, how to Align the process within the organizations current structure is led, and action plans developed.

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HRP Coach Workshop

This Workshop develops a deep understanding of the HRP Thought Process and focuses on conversations that are critical in the field. Client-specific applications of the process are practiced ensuring optimal “point of operation” use of HRP. Coaches practice HRP at the frontline to assess work being performed, having a conversation using HRP and planning of future work.

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HRP Training Workshop

In this Workshop, we help trainer candidates learn key concepts, terminology, and the transformative moments in the HRP Foundation Class where it’s imperative to clearly communicate the HRP Thought Process.  Training back sections and discussions on listening, managing the classroom activities, and workshop preparation are included.  HSEG requires the HRP Coach Workshop as a prerequisite to be a trainer candidate.

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Client Success

Ascend Performance Materials

Winner of the 2021 Responsible Care® Award for the alignment of the Hazard Recognition Process across the organization!

Hear in their own words about their success in 2021

In 2020, Ascend continued a reduction of TRIR rates, coming closer than ever to achieving their Commitment to Zero.”  

Hear in their own words about their success in 2020

69% reduction in TRIR within 1 year for a large chemical manufacturer with locations across the United States.  They started with our process when their rate was 0.71; and reduced that to 0.24!

Hear in their own words about their success in 2019

Oil and Gas Pipeline Company

Reduced their serious injuries (2019 – 2020) by over 50% within the first year – focus was on quality job planning utilizing the HRP Process. From 2019 – present, have reduced contractor first aids by 73%; and for the first time, both contractors and the client have gone 2 years with no recordable injuries!

It’s time

to make a difference

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