Safety by Design

Why is this important?

Safety by design results in significant reductions in work-related injuries. The most effective risk control measure – eliminating hazards – is often cheaper and more practicable to achieve at the design or planning stage than managing risks later in the lifecycle.

How can businesses improve

By integrating health and safety into the design process employers are in a strong position to incorporate health and safety considerations from the start.

How we help our customers make a difference

HSE Global can work with your teams to ensure safety by design concepts are embedded through the lifecycle of the product or process being designed. We build a natural rapport with Executives, Managers, Front-line Leaders, Employees and Contractors throughout the design process. This ensures we capture candid, qualitative feedback to identify opportunities to eliminate/engineer out risk to your people and business at the design phase.


Safety by Design Workshops

HSE Global can facilitate safety by design workshops drawing down on input from your relevant subject matter experts (those that do the job) to identify opportunities to eliminate or engineer out risk at the design phase of products or processes.

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“HSE Global worked with our teams and subject matter experts to develop a practical and simple engineered solution to control the risk of entering live traffic during maintenance activity”.
– Large Infrastructure Company

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