Safety Leadership

Why is this important?

Leadership is the single most important driver of organizational culture, setting the cultural norms and expectations that define an organization. Improved Leadership yields improved results.

How can businesses improve

Businesses should invest in their people ensuring that Leaders at all levels have a high level of competence and capability to develop, execute and sustain a high-performance health and safety culture.

How we help our customers make a difference

HSE Global can develop and deliver safety leadership training (at all levels) that is tailored to build the leadership skills required to execute and sustain your company safety vision.

Leaders take the safety vision and turn it into a logical, sequential, stakeholder by stakeholder plan that can be followed, implemented and embedded back in the workplace. The program includes a personal journey that helps leaders make the shift from Good to Great.

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Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

In a health and safety culture, the role that leadership plays is critical. Leadership influences culture, culture drives behavior and behavior yields the results.


Safety Leadership Training

HSE Global safety leadership programs are stratified for all levels of the business:

  • Board/Executive/Senior leaders
  • Front-line Leaders
  • All Employees and Key Contractors

Leaders are challenged to consider what is truly embedded in their local culture today and what needs to occur to ensure best practice is achieved in their areas of responsibility and across the business. Leaders follow a strategic execution framework, developing an individual action plan to be applied purposefully back on the job.

Leaders learn and apply new skills that center on high performance Safety leadership, building trust, demonstrating care and communicating the safety vision with purpose, passion and clarity. Leaders explore strategies to engage others in the safety journey and cover the essential skills of safety interactions, managing dynamic risk and verifying risk control effectiveness “in practice”.

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Safety Leadership
“Each of our leaders have a 30-60-90 day plan. We can tangibly see change.”
– Stephen Esposito, GM Operations, Ravensdown

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