Strategy and Execution

Why is this important?

An effective HSE plan, supported by high performing leaders, will hold people accountable, demonstrate how officers meet their due diligence requirements and help focus the board on proactive and critical measures.

  • If you fail to plan, then plan to fail
  • 72% of strategies fail not because the strategy was wrong, rather because the execution was poor (source: Harvard Business Review)
  • Most HSE plans are not executed effectively due to not being integrated into an organization’s overall strategy

How can businesses improve

  • Understand the impact that a poorly executed HSE strategy can have on culture.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are working towards a single health and safety strategy.
  • Challenge results, why are you getting your current safety performance? Is it through good leadership and planning, or luck?
  • Use industry experts to help diagnose the current effectiveness of your strategy and execution at ALL levels of your organization (What’s working/Not Working)

Our Integral Model

How we help our customers make a difference

Our track record – we have assisted over 120 national and international organisations in developing and executing their HSE strategic plans resulting in significant immediate and sustained long term improvements in safety leadership and performance.

We spend time in your business and conduct an ethnographic study of your organization. We critically review leadership, behavior, sub-cultures, systems, and structure to provide candid insights that lead to better-informed decision making and the development of an objective strategic plan to execute systematically.

Cultural Transformation
– Our Three Phased Approach


Strategic Reviews, Development and Execution

HSE Global has supported hundreds of national and global organizations in the development and implementation of their HSE and Wellbeing strategies. We provide comprehensive and tailored support for development, review and execution including establishing and supporting steering and governance committees, facilitating roadmap workshops and programs such as stakeholder engagement sessions to ensure operational ownership, executive and leadership coaching, and development of assurance programs to support due diligence requirements.

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Ethnographic Study and Culture Review

Our experience and contemporary approach to cultural assessments, reviews and audits, strategic planning, operational execution and realizing measurable improvements for our clients make us the partner of choice for some of the largest organizations in the world. HSE Global have also developed the Annual Industry Health and Safety Reviews and the Global Safety Index to help organizations benchmark their performance against other organizations.

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“Protech is a national recruitment and employment agency with over 3,000 employees, safety is a key element I think about every day, challenging the status quo to continuously improve. That is why we engaged HSE Global to provide an independent assessment of where we can do better, applying the latest developments and approaches. HSE Global are extremely thorough and very clever in presenting their insights and led us in a full day Safety Summit which was enjoyable, inspiring and extremely productive. This really invigorated our ongoing pursuit to be the leader in safety in our sector, and I would thoroughly recommend HSE Global as an insightful leader in their field.”
– Marc Meili, Managing Director, Protech

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