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“Our focus on culture and the very specific leadership behaviours that make a difference, we have driven a sustainable step-change in reducing the frequency of recordable injuries.”

David Scott
Head of Environment, Health & Safety, Siemens Australia & New Zealand

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“This was the most challenging and uncomfortable day our executive group has had… Thank you”

Michael Luscombe
CEO and MD, Woolworths Ltd

“I would recommend Mental Health First Aid not just for Managers but all people – this is a human issue. In Maori we have a proverb – we say the most important thing in the world is ‘He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata’ the people, the people, the people.”

Bupa, New Zealand

“Protech is a national recruitment and employment agency with over 3,000 employees, safety is a key element I think about every day, challenging the status quo to continuously improve. That is why we engaged HSE Global to provide an independent assessment of where we can do better, applying the latest developments and approaches. HSE Global are extremely thorough and very clever in presenting their insights and led us in a full day Safety Summit which was enjoyable, inspiring and extremely productive. This really invigorated our ongoing pursuit to be the leader in safety in our sector, and I would thoroughly recommend HSE Global as an insightful leader in their field.”

Marc Meili
Managing Director, Protech

“HSE Global has helped Winc identify key areas for improvement in safety and awareness across the whole of the company and not just improvement for higher risk workers operating machinery in our warehouses. Following our engagement with HSE Global, Winc has introduced additional safety compliance training for all Winc employees and has experienced
firsthand the benefits of such additional safety measures as Winc has had less workplace injuries and recorded a stronger safety culture since the engagement.”

Troy Swan
General Counsel & Company Secretary Winc Australia Pty Limited

“HSE Global audits are not a paperwork exercise. They find the real issues as to why our controls are not as effective as they could be.”

WHS Manager,
Large Retail Company

“Each of our leaders have a 30-60-90 day plan. We can tangibly see change.”

Stephen Esposito
GM Operations, Ravensdown

“Our Wellbeing Plan … this is a game-changer.”

Wollongong City Council Wellbeing Working Group

“Thanks for the session today, it was of great value to me and the team. To be honest I was kinda dreading it as I felt it would likely be applied like an old school test of me and staff, but I was totally wrong. Instead I found it to be a very practical ‘no jargon’ exercise in staff engagement on safety and risk in the workplace, and your coaching support was excellent.”

Executive Team Member Wollongong City Council

“The team at HSE Global are more than a contractor, they are really embedded. We have strong relationships and high trust… they understand our business, culture… nothing but good has come from our relationship with HSE Global.”

Lloyd Richards
General Manager HSQE, Northpower

“Good course and well-presented. I was worried that 4 hours would be dry and repetitive, but it was a good mixture of activities and content. I have had a fair bit of experience with Safety in a wide range of roles, but this content still made me think about what I do and how I can better influence others.”

Senior Lecturer
University of Sydney

“Thanks HSE Global… your ability to build relationships and trust in a short period of time helped us find the truth and identify ways to stop incidents from happening again.”

Managing Director,
Large Infrastructure Company

“HSE Global helped us get the people to manage safety as well as Management.”

Lloyd Richards
General Manager HSQE, Northpower

“HSE Global were able to assist us in identifying legislative gaps and operational inefficiencies in the way we manage contractors. They worked collaboratively with us to help tailor a new contractor management system and process to improve how we engage, onboard and manage our contractors. We had fantastic participation in the workshops from all stakeholders!”

Global Food Manufacturer

“Your team are a credit to the achievement of high audit scores through dedication and persistence and demonstrating the capabilities of our construction teams.”


“HSE Global’s approach isn’t just about the mechanics of risk management, it is actually about the people side of managing risk”

Stephen Esposito
GM Operations, Ravensdown NZ

“Since conducting the safety culture review and implementation of our new Work Health & Safety Strategy, Winc has recorded a significant increase in safety observations acts, hazard identifications and WHS Plan completion rates. Most notably, Winc has recorded a 30% decrease in Winc’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate making Winc an even safer and better place to work.”

Troy Swan
General Counsel & Company Secretary Winc Australia Pty Limited

“We have been avid users of the Global Safety Index suite of products since early 2016. During this time we have conducted 2 full company surveys and a leadership survey to assess our level of safety maturity. All my dealings with GSI have been overwhelmingly positive, the attention to detail and care shown have been outstanding and I highly recommend GSI to any organisation that seeks an accessible and easy to use survey and statistical tool to assess safety maturity.”

Paul Wheatley
Manager Health and Safety, ActewAGL Distribution

“Thanks for simplifying our system, over 100 pages of policies and procedures reduced to 38 pages”

Large Regional Council

“HSE Global have got people who really get it. We get really good feedback … people learn a lot through good interactive sessions”

Stephen Esposito
GM Operations, Ravensdown

“HSE Global worked with our teams and subject matter experts to develop a practical and simple engineered solution to control the risk of entering live traffic during maintenance activity”.

Large Infrastructure Company

“Historically, risk management has sometimes been a lot more analysis than management”
– Professor Jim Joy

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