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Join Emma Boucher (Mental Health and Wellbeing Facilitator and Senior Psychologist) as she speaks about Mental Fitness @ Work… The Evolution: Intervention, Prevention, Promotion at the APOSHO36 Conference in Melbourne.

About APOHSO36

The Asia-Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organization (APOSHO) is an international body composed of non-profit professional organizations devoted to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. The conferences have been run since 1985 and attract leading global speakers and organisations from around the globe.


Traditionally the focus of workplace mental health approaches has been on intervening once an employee has developed a mental illness or supporting a return to work. However, a proactive approach to psychological wellbeing allows more comprehensive organisational approach.

The Mental Fitness model, as first developed by the Canadian Defence Force, provides a proactive and practical framework upon which to plan strategic mental health workplace interventions.  The Mental Fitness model uses terminology designed to de- stigmatise and normalise mental health conversations. The proactive framework encourages individual, team and organisational investment in mental health on a regular basis, resulting in improved wellbeing across the workforce.  The presentation will introduce the Mental Fitness Roadmap and provide an overview of evidence based, best practice interventions for workplace mental health across the spectrum of primary, secondary, and tertiary approaches.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding of the Mental Fitness Roadmap
  • Increased knowledge of evidence-based interventions to enhance mental fitness
  • Improved awareness of practical strategies to encourage mental fitness within a work setting

Speaker Biography

Emma BoucherEmma has spent over 20 years working in the mental health field working with individuals, groups and teams across small businesses, large corporations, government departments and educational institutions. Emma has a wealth of experience in providing EAP, CI response, RTW programs and staff training. Emma is a passionate advocate for mental health and is dedicated to assisting organisations to reduce stigma, promote early intervention and enhance recovery from mental illness. Emma has a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, and Master of Human Nutrition, and Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Standard and Youth Instructor.
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