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Providing support services across Australasia in the Renewable Energy, Construction, Utilities, Mining and Resources sectors.

How HSE Global can help our customers make a difference

We specialise in providing support across Australasia in the Renewable Energy, Construction, Utilities, Mining and Resources sectors. Our extensive experience, empathy and understanding allow us to provide customised solutions to dramatically improve the safety performance of our clients, resulting in less injuries and incidents, enhanced productivity, robust governance and improved stakeholder satisfaction.

Our team of QHSE professionals continue to “Make a Difference Every Day” and have delivered successful HSE outcomes for our partners on Major CAPEX Projects in the $1 million to $250 million range.

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Integrated Risk Management Support

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk register development – facilitated construction risk workshops within the renewable energy sector
  • Facilitation of wind-farm EPC construction risk workshops
  • Gap analysis review of client and contractor risk management systems – internal, external and regulatory requirements
  • Health monitoring, including site-based dust monitoring and drug and alcohol testing
  • Inspections of plant and equipment to verify compliance – construction, utilities and mining sites
  • Monitoring of WHS compliance through auditing programs and behavioural based safety systems
  • Providing internal training and support
  • Development of hazard identification and risk management processes that integrate into existing WHSE&Q management systems – focus on simplification and alignment with existing frameworks.

Incident Investigation Support and Facilitation

We lead the way, support and facilitate incident investigations with our partners using industry recognised methodologies such as ICAM, Taproot and the 5-Why technique to determine organizational, people and operational contributing factors and to provide practical recommendations and solutions. We can also review incident investigations for validity and verify corrective actions are implemented in the field.

Audit Services

We think sustainably when it comes to the auditing process. Our team are qualified and confident in facilitating internal, external and third-party audits on behalf of our business partners to ensure compliance with company, state and regulatory requirements.

The diverse and extensive experience of our team assists in meeting WHS and Environmental obligations by performing extremely thorough and robust audits and verification activities.

Our Team have successfully improved our clients’ management systems audit performance scores from an average of 70% to 90%. This was achieved through disciplined execution, guidance, support and mentoring from the team.

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Our Services Team

Our Team are confident with the procurement, installation logistics and the operation compliance of construction related machinery and equipment including, but not limited to, tower cranes, concrete placement equipment, high capacity mobile cranes and a range of other mobile plant, equipment and machinery.

We offer audits and inspections on plant and equipment to ensure compliance for site, internal or regulatory requirements.

“Your team are a credit to the achievement of high audit scores through dedication and persistence and demonstrating the capabilities of our construction teams”
– Vestas

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