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As part of our sponsorship of the HeadFit Awards – Large Workplace in New Zealand on Wednesday, 30 November 2022, we would like to extend the offer of a 20% discount to all attendees on the night for our Mental Health Index, Mental Fitness for Leaders, and Mental Fitness@Work programs. This will also include all MHFA Aotearoa Programs booked and paid for up to 31 March 2023.

Find out more about our Mental Health training and software solutions below and use the code ‘HEADFIT22‘ when using the ‘Register Interest‘ forms below.

Relevant Training & Software Solutions

Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Training

The Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa standardised courses have been adapted by Te Pou to ensure the cultural context of New Zealand is considered with both delivery and implementation. MHFA programmes will ensure people working within communities, private or non-private sectors have the basic knowledge and skills to respond to mental health and substance use problems at a level that is appropriate to their day-to-day roles.

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Mental Fitness@Work

In today’s world, the concept of physical fitness is well known and accepted. Mental fitness is very similar to physical fitness, however less readily recognized and acknowledged. When we are mentally fit, we flourish and can meet the challenges of daily life. True mental fitness also requires daily investment, just like physical fitness. Mental fitness means more than just an absence of a mental illness; it is about going “from good, to great”.

Mental Fitness is a proactive, positive concept that encourages people to invest in their mental health, the way they invest in their physical health. The Mental Fitness programmes designed to help participants build skills and confidence in supporting employees and peers to be their best as well as cope with life’s challenges as they arise.

HSE Global can tailor the Mental Fitness program to your organisation’s specific needs and offers Mental Fitness for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.

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Mental Fitness™ for Leaders

Mental Fitness for Leaders enables an understanding of the mental fitness continuum (“the Roadmap”), and an ability to clearly identify where they, their peers and their teams are located on the roadmap. Participants build skills to proactively offer support and have conversations with others to support their mental fitness.

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Mental Health Index (MHI™)

Developed by Global Safety Index®, the MHI is designed to measure how well an organisation performs against the 4 drivers and 7 dimensions of mental health literacy and positivity, and their ability to identify and appropriately support people in maintaining their mental fitness or addressing mental health issues. These data-driven insights support the allocation of resources to specific focus areas for improvement.

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Mental Health Index
“I would recommend Mental Health First Aid not just for Managers but all people – this is a human issue. In Maori we have a proverb – we say the most important thing in the world is ‘He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata’ the people, the people, the people.”
– Karen, Bupa NZ

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