Team Engagement

Why is this important?

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will”

For organisations to optimise their performance they must have an engaged workforce. If you don’t invest time in engaging the entire workforce you will end up with isolated, fragmented subcultures that often pull in different directions making performance optimisation impossible.

How can businesses improve

Engage often and in a meaningful way! Annual employee surveys do not promote team engagement, nor does the Christmas party or access to a gym and fitness program.

Effective pre starts and tool box meetings should but be interactive but in 90% of cases, toolbox talks, and pre-start meetings are not engaging. What engages a team is purpose. So, to make these effective invite the team to be part of the solution to a common problem, share what good looks like and then challenge them to make a difference.

How we help our customers make a difference

HSE Global can support Team Engagement at a strategic level, management and supervisor level through to a daily team operational level. Strategic Team Engagement starts with running Health and Safety summits or forums for cross functional leaders across a 45 degree slice of a business. Coming together to define the current and future Health and Safety culture of the organisation then working backward to determine the strategic roadmap steps required to make a shift from the ground up.

Management and Supervisory team engagement are environment, cultural maturity and risk profile specific and the engagement framework should reflect this. The challenge at an operational level may be People, Process or Performance related. Once this is defined HSE Global can work with your organisation to customise direct team engagement sessions and ways of working which can create a self-sustaining model for ongoing ownership and engagement.

Simple ‘app’ based self and team check in programs that are used daily by teams can create a sense of care, family and trust before any reference to work has started. Followed by an effective pre start or team brief can then frame the critical few focus points the team needs to engage on and own to ensure a safe and productive shift.

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Team Engagement

Daily team engagement starts with operational discipline and checking in on our work mates. If we fail to engage team members before they start work we will rarely if ever be able to engage them later in the day.


HSE Global provides a range of team engagement solutions

  • Running effective pre start meetings
  • Daily Check in and Pulse surveys
  • Establishing and running successful Health & Safety Forums
  • Stop for Safety Events
  • Building Trust and High Performance Teams
  • Team Based Health and Safety Action Planning
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“HSE Global have got people who really get it. We get really good feedback … people learn a lot through good interactive sessions”
– Stephen Esposito, GM Operations, Ravensdown

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