Why is this important?

Wellbeing drives performance! The healthier we are, the greater chance we have of success.

If we understand and invest in wellbeing development at work we will not only be more likely to succeed, we will also build resilience and strengthen our protective factors against risks such as mental stress, fatigue and disengagement.


How can businesses improve

By utilising integrated Health, Safety and Wellbeing models, organisations can diagnose their current state, identify strengths and zero in on where to focus energy and resources to measure and build wellbeing at individual, organisational and community levels.

How we help our customers make a difference

HSE Global can work with your teams to examine what’s currently working and not working utilising a holistic wellbeing lens. We build wellbeing literacy through strategic planning, leadership development, creating engagement, establishing measurement frameworks and operational execution of team-based wellbeing plans.

We apply a co-design approach when helping organisations develop their strategy to ensure alignment with specific strengths and needs. We train leaders in how to ‘lead for wellbeing’ and work with teams to build a positive wellbeing climate.

Our approach is strongly influenced by contemporary research in Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing including how to integrate Positive Psychology principles and build Psychological Capital along with our experience as a trusted provider in the field of Mental Health First Aid.

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Wellbeing Strategy Review and Development Workshops

HSE Global can facilitate wellbeing workshops, drawing down on input from your relevant subject matter experts (those that do the job) to identify and align your wellbeing investment to your organisational needs and strengths. We help you establish a platform to embed wellbeing into the DNA of your organisation.

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Leadership Training and Coaching

Utilising models based on integrated approaches to Health, Safety and Wellbeing we help leaders ‘self discover’ opportunities to build wellbeing at a team level. We guide leaders in understanding how they can promote wellbeing ownership, prevent and mitigate work related risks and establish strong foundations for early intervention support if team members are struggling.

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Team Development

We work with intact teams to develop and execute a plan for building wellbeing and job satisfaction by creating alignment with organisational needs and key wellbeing drivers at a team level.

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“Our Wellbeing Plan … this is a game-changer”

– Wollongong City Council Wellbeing Working Group

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