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Benchmarking is a key tool for continuous improvement by helping organizations measure safety culture and performance against peers and other high-risk industries.

Companies will often only benchmark performance against their previous year results, although this is important, failing to benchmark against others can provide a false sense of confidence and missed opportunity to challenge improvements. Benchmarking offers additional insights to help develop targeted improvement initiatives and strategies.

How can businesses improve

The definition of performance should not be limited to lag indicators (i.e. LTIFR, TRIFR etc.) or what we consider output performance metrics. If you truly want to understand your total performance, you must also consider your input performance metrics, such as Safety Leadership capability, Mental Health literacy and your organizations Health and Safety Culture.

  • Look outside of your industry for better, or best practice
  • Seek to understand why higher-performing companies, inside and outside of your industry are getting better results

How we help our customers make a difference

We benchmark your Mental health Index, your Safety Culture index and your Safety Leadership index score against similar organizations and other industries globally.

We provide data and trend analysis using our extensive experience and network to provide business insights into ways to improve or maintain performance.

The Global Safety Index is the world’s largest integrated safety leadership and safety culture measuring, monitoring and benchmarking tool with over 3 million data points collected since HSE Global developed it in 2012.

Safety Culture Maturity (Global Safety Index)


Safety Performance Benchmarking – Global Safety Index

Data driven insights leading to better workplace Health and Safety outcomes.

Providing organizations with the ability to record, measure, benchmark and track their workplace health and safety performance across critical performance indicators.

Use the Global Safety Index to assess a Contractor’s Safety Leadership and Culture rather than relying on their lagging output safety performance.

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Global Safety Index

Annual Industry Safety Review

HSE Global via the Global Safety Index is a global resource on health and safety measurement and insights. GSI members measure and benchmark their safety performance globally, and profile their safety culture and leadership capabilities in order to prioritize their safety performance strategies and initiatives. GSI leverages the collective wisdom and experience of the GSI global community to share insights collaboratively for the benefit of all.

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“Our focus on culture and the very specific leadership behaviours that make a difference, we have driven a sustainable step-change in reducing the frequency of recordable injuries.”
– Siemens

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