Digital Solutions

Why is this important?

Data driven insights lead to better workplace health and safety outcomes. Therefore having access to the latest digital solutions to monitor wellbeing and safety, collect and manage data and enable real-time reporting has become an expectation to help manage health and safety from the front-line to the Board.

How can businesses improve

  • Have workers complete a daily wellbeing check-in to verify they are fit for work in real-time
  • Support dynamic risk by providing digital Take5 forms
  • Increase efficiency and reduce data input errors by moving to digital forms
  • Utilise mobile apps to provide real-time insights into safety performance and culture on the go
  • Monitor and manage corrective actions using dashboards
Global Safety Index

How we help our customers make a difference

We offer the latest secure digital solutions, created and developed by HSE Global, including:

  • Daily health and safety dashboard
  • Daily Fatigue and Wellbeing digital ‘Check In’
  • Daily digital ‘Take 5‘ or Pre-Start Risk Assessment
  • Daily Safety Interaction or Critical Control Assurance review
  • Live Chat Function to connect in real time

Digital Solutions

Technology is the key to success. We need to capture insights from data to drive a set of actions.


Global Safety Index

Data driven insights leading to better workplace Health and Safety outcomes.

Providing organizations with the ability to record, measure, benchmark and track their workplace health and safety performance across critical performance indicators.

Use the Global Safety Index to assess a Contractor’s Safety Leadership and Culture rather than relying on their lagging output safety performance.

Global Safety Index
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Global Safety Index App

Using the Global Safety Index platform, users can customize modules required to connect with their front line team members everyday to capture, report, monitor and share critical data.

The standard app comes with 5 core modules, but additional modules can be customized and added as required, upfront or over time.

Core modules include:

  • Daily health and safety dashboard
  • Daily fatigue and wellbeing ‘Check In’
  • Daily ‘Take 5‘ or Pre-Start Risk Assessment
  • Daily Safety Interaction or Critical Control Assurance review
  • Live Chat Function to connect in real time
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“We have been avid users of the Global Safety Index suite of products since early 2016. During this time we have conducted 2 full company surveys and a leadership survey to assess our level of safety maturity. All my dealings with GSI have been overwhelmingly positive, the attention to detail and care shown have been outstanding and I highly recommend GSI to any organisation that seeks an accessible and easy to use survey and statistical tool to assess safety maturity.”
– Paul Wheatley, Manager Health and Safety, ActewAGL Distribution

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